How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Canvas Painting

Choosing a perfect frame for your canvas painting needs the eye of an expert, but you can do even better when you follow these 3 tips.

These three tips in question will be discussed in this post. So let’s get to it.

The 3 tips you need to choose a great frame

1. The Frame Must Be Able to Accommodate Your Painting Nicely

Usually, when one is considering buying a frame for the first time, what we’ll typically do is — get up, visit a frame shop or visit an online store, browse through the collections, and select whichever frame we find to be the most appealing

Well, that may be a good way to get a frame, but you may be leaving some vital details out.

Let’s see what exactly you should do to choose the perfect frame for your canvas painting.

To get a great frame, the first thing is to get the dimension of your painting, as you need to know the dimensional requirement of the canvas.

For instance, if your painting has a dimension of 16” x 20”, and you get a frame of 14” x 18”, it won’t work, as the painting won’t fit in.

Also, if you get a frame that measures 40” x 25”, it won’t work as the frame is an oversized one.

Before going shopping for a frame, make sure that you know the dimensional requirement of the painting so that you will end up with a frame that will nicely accommodate the canvas.


2. The Frame Must Have a Distinct Color

The reason why we love our paintings on walls is to make the walls more visually interesting and less boring.

How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Canvas Painting

Imagine removing that painting from that wall, don’t you think the wall scream “boring”? Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

So, when you’re shopping for a frame, you ought to get a frame that will make your wall more visually interesting.


One of the ways to make your wall more visually interesting is by choosing a frame that has a distinct color, relative to the main color of the painting and the color of the wall where it’ll stay.

Being elaborate, what I mean by “distinct color” is — a color that stands out relative to other colors. The picture below gives an example.

You can see how the black color of the frame stands out, relative to the white wall and relative to the ash-dominated painting.

This black is much better, compared to having a frame that has the same color as the wall — don’t you agree?

Or in other words, the color of a frame should be nicely in contrast with — (i) the color of the wall, and (ii) the main color of the painting.

3. Use Pinterest For More Personal Tips

While the two tips discussed above should help in choosing a great frame, there are a lot more tips available.

However, I won’t be discussing any additional tips; my reasons are — (i) there are just too many additional tips, and (ii) all other tips are arguably subjective, in other words, while one person may find an additional tip helpful, another person may find it terrible.

But to give you more tips, I’ll refer you to Pinterest. If you search “nice canvas frames” [or something similar] on Pinterest, you’ll find a lot of cool framed painting pictures.

Browse through the pictures you see, and when you come across a framed painting that you like, pause and try to understand why you’d like.

Alternatively, you can check our canvas frame section for lovely frames as well.

So if you can study about 10 appealing pictures, you should be walking away with a good number of additional great tips.

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Final Words

I have met people who try to choose frames strictly based on public opinion. That is often not a good way to select a frame.

When shopping for a frame, focus on choosing something that you’ll find appealing. Take the advice of an expert with a personal touch to it.