Amazing Photo Tips And Places To Hang Your Art Like A Pro

We’ve rounded up some rules to hang your art gallery like a professional employed by art gallery curators and museum directors, So we will like to shows you some amazing places to hang your wall art and give your photos the pride of place they deserve.

Above the couch

Give your living space a killer look by following these tips for hanging wall art above your couch.

  1. Your wall art (or mount) should be a minimum of 2/3 the length of the sofa.
  2. Place one or two large paintings or several small ones to realize the desired size.
  3. Photos should not extend beyond the sofa, or they will unbalance the room.
  4. the underside of the frame should be 20-25cm above the back of the sofa.
  5. If you are displaying a group of photos, leave an area of 5 to 15 cm between each frame.

Photo Tip: Your front room is where you spend the most time. So create a wall decoration from your favorite photos: you will never get tired of looking at them, day after day.

Above the fireside

A bit like the sofa, hanging a wall decoration above the fireside is not very complicated.

  1. The wall decoration should measure 2/3 of the width of the fireside.
  2. the underside of the wall art should be 10-30cm above the top of the fireplace.
  3. If decorative elements are placed on your fireplace, you can leave a little more space.

Photo Tip: Fireplaces often already display plenty of decorations, so choose a photograph that won’t weigh it down any further. For example, add a candid portrait, or maybe a series of smaller paintings with quotes.

Above the steps

The stairwell is an often lost space that is nevertheless perfect for displaying a wall decoration.

  1. The center of each painting must be located 145 to 155 cm above each step.
  2. The height must be the same for each element (for example, 150 cm). This will give a crisp, clean look to your composition.
  3. Unless you have chosen very small frames or prints, do not hang a painting above each step, but leave a space of at least two or three steps between each work.
  4. This type of decoration is prettier with wall decorations of the same size.

Photo tip: Family photos are a great way to tell a story as you go down (or up) the steps. They allow you to take a real journey through time through photos taken over the years.

On the top of the bed

Your bedroom should be a haven. A safe and comfortable place. Limit the number of wall decorations so as not to clutter your walls. Instead, choose a few photos that have special significance and hang them above your bed following the rules below.

  1. Your wall art should not measure more than 2/3 of your bed or headboard.
  2. The bottom of the frame should be about 20-25cm above the bed or headboard.
  3. If you want to display more than one painting, leave a space of 5-15 cm between each frame.

Photo tip: Choose a serene landscape or another photo that is conducive to relaxation. The most important thing is to select soft colors.

Create A Jumble Of Wall Decorations

Juxtapose your wall decorations and make them the focal point of your living space.

  1. Choose the wall art and prints you want together.
  2. Place the largest element in the center of your composition. This is what experts call the “anchor piece”. This is usually the largest and most striking piece, around which all the other photos revolve. Hang it so that the center of the painting is 145-155 cm from the floor.
  3. Build your gallery around the anchor piece. Imagine a horizontal line passing through the center of the wall decoration and use it as a reference point to create a harmonious composition.
  4. Make sure to respect a standard distance between each element and trust your instincts and your sense of style. You are sure to get an amazing jumble!

Photo Tip: Jumbled wall art looks even more striking when you combine a variety of different styles, colors, and materials, so be sure to experiment!

Create A Mosaic

Unlike the collage, a mosaic consists of placing different pieces of the same size and shape to create a symmetrical whole on your wall.

  1. First, select an even number of works of the same length and width. Small paintings are more harmonious for this type of display, so try not to exceed 20 cm.
  2. Check that the horizontal center of the mosaic is 145-155 cm from the floor. If it’s placed above a sofa or other piece of furniture, see the tips above for hanging it at the correct height.
  3. Hang half of the photos above the center line and line up the other half below, making sure to keep the same horizontal and vertical distance between each board.
  4. You can leave a 5 cm difference in height and 7 cm in width between each work. As a general rule, try not to leave more than 5 to 7 cm of space between each element.

Photo tip: Use similar photos or a recurring theme, like nature, people, or cityscapes. We advise you to select clean photos with soft colors, to prevent the mosaic from appearing too busy.

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