There’s nothing as displeasing as when you purchase valuable artwork or have pictures that you cherish, but you have no idea the best place (s) to hang them.

Everyone has artwork and photos hanging on the walls, but not everyone hangs them properly. It may seem like a difficult task, but once you learn some essential rules on how to hang a picture on the wall, you will find that this task is quite simple.

In this post, we’ll summarize everything you need to know about hanging pictures on the wall.

They are easy rules and tips that will enable you to hang your art decorations or pictures by yourself. Awesome, right?

You can apply these golden rules in any space. Are you ready?

Rule 1

Choose the right size picture.

You Should Know Paintings and photographs are a decor often seen in almost any living space.If you belong to this group of people, this article is for you.

Choose the proper size painting. One of the biggest trends lately is that of over sized artwork.

This does not mean that this kind of painting is suitable for all spaces. Before embarking on the acquisition of any painting, the primary and most important criterion is to take into account the size of the room in question and choose the size of your painting according to this.

Rule 2

Knowing how to measure.

Knowing how to hang a picture is knowing how to measure. If the space is too big or too small, an over sized painting will seem inappropriate. Do you want to install your wall art or picture directly on a piece of furniture?

Choose a work of art that does not exceed the edges of your furniture. And if you would like to hang a piece of art on an empty wall, the piece should take up four-sevenths of the wall it had been placed on.

To know how much it is, measure the length and width of the wall, then you will multiply each number by 0.571.

Rule 3

Discover the appropriate height.

Knowing the way to hang a painting on the wall means discovering the appropriate height. All the paintings are alleged to be installed at eye level, but people of different heights have different eye levels, so, what’s the way to choose an appropriate height?

Usually, the overall rule is that the painting should be placed about 145 centimetres from the ground.

To find the center of your artwork, measure the peak and divide it in half. Next, measure the space from the picture wire or nail hook to the top of the frame. Subtract this distance from half the height of the image and, finally, add your result to 145.

Keep in mind that you must also take into consideration the height of your ceiling. Not all ceilings are the same.

Rule 4

Dare to compose several paintings.

An out sized painting on the wall behind the door –optimize and decorate. Magnificent wall composition of black and white photographs of various sizes (The good news is that this kind of decoration is easy to integrate into all interior design styles).

As they always says rules can be broken, So find your taste and use this rules based on your own likeness and desires.

Now you know rules for hanging your wall decoration.

We look forward to hearing from you.