If you’ve noticed, most homes have a reserved sacred corner in the living room where these lovely miniatures and figurines are displayed. It’s usually on a cute shelf, desk or some other form of cabinet.

Although figurines could be a cute and less expensive addition to any home décor, if not displayed creatively, these showpieces can make your home look cluttered and lose the whole essence of occupying that space in the first place.

I will show you how to creatively arrange your figurines without being a pro. Let’s jump straight to a few tips:

1. For you miniatures, try to avoid decorating any specific space of your home with a single type of figurine. Rather, display these at some empty space where they will be visible and draw attention depending on the size of the miniature. This will give it a laser attention thereby prevent other decor items from overshadowing it due to size.

2. Opt for a curio cabinet to display all the antique decor figurines properly. This cabinet will help to draw the attention of the visitors to these figurines as well as this will also shield the figurines damage for ceramics or hard plastic.

3. Another great tip of decorating your home with the figurines is to display some of those at a time and therefore change your collection while the season changes. This will be one of these best scopes to decorate your place with style and charm on every season.

4. Group together the figurines of similar periods. This is a better idea of placing the figurines rather than just putting those randomly. Besides, this will also help you to get rid of the cluttered look.

5. Never put the figurines in any place where kids can reach those. Although people mostly choose to put the figurines in the places like low shelving and coffee tables, in case you have kids in your home, then the best thing will be to decorate those places with less valuable items.

6. Keep in mind the size of your room or the place where you want to put the figurines. It is because the size of a room has a major impact on the figurine types and the number of figurines you choose.

7. Another great tip is to display the figurines in some unexpected places of your home like the bathroom or hallway. This will enhance your creativity a lot in terms of decorating a home. Besides, you can also put some figurines in the guest room as a table decor for a different appeal.


Miniatures and figurines are lovely and less expensive, these ornaments are a good complementary home decor item if creatively displayed. If you need to explore more on miniatures and figures. visit store.

Post Updated: May 10, 2020