The Sleeping Baby Doll Key holder is a simple yet adorable decor for nursing mother and newborn.

The Sleeping Baby Doll Key holder is made with resin and fleece. It has various color variants to choose from.

Material: Fleece/Wool
Style: Artificial
Theme: Baby

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The cute anime girl miniature character is unique and rarely seen anywhere. This decor is a nice car companion. It can be placed wherever you please.

The Lovely Anime Girl Car Miniature is of high quality, made of resin and durable.

Material: PVC
Origin: Japan
Theme: Anime Girl
Function: Car Decor
Application: Hand mounted device

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Cute Lover’s Figurines Miniatures is a lovely piece of couple figurines in our miniature series. If you’re a lover of figurines with the love theme, this may appeal to you.

The Cute Lover’s Figurines Miniatures is made of high quality resin, it is durable and easy to clean. It could serve as an ideal gift item.

Material: Resin
Theme: Lover’s
Feature: Micro Landscaping Decoration
Application: Wedding Couple Gift, Home Garden Decoration, Sand Table Accessories

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From the rich Egyptian culture emanates the Egyptian Cat Goddess Miniature. This miniature is carved in wood and finely polished in black and white. The figurines are decorated in royal Egyptian collars and jewelries. It is durable and easy to clean.

Theme: Cats
Material: Wood
Origin: Egypt
Application: Home
Size: 6.5 cm x 3 cm

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Delve into the coral reefs and discover the abundance of sea life. The Sea Turtles is an ancient creature that have adapted to modern day reality.

Explore the aquatic with this piece of Mini Sea Turtle plastic miniatures. This decor is made of plastic, it can be used as an aquarium sea bed decor. It can be used in the bathroom as well.

Material: Resin
Theme: Sea Turtles

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