Wallpaper is one of those things that fell out of the zeitgeist—hard. After pervading the home decor trends-sphere in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, wallpaper became the stuff of our parents’ decor, and our grandparents’ decor. It wasn’t cool, it wasn’t contemporary, it wasn’t chic—by all definitions, it was stale. But in 2018, something changed. Wallpaper experienced a revival, with tropical wallpaper covering some of the most stylish interiors on Instagram and Pinterest. And according to Pinterest’s 2019 trends report, this return to form promises to continue well into 2019: Bold wallpaper has officially joined the ranks of other 2019 wallpaper trends, with people searching for “bold print floral wallpaper” 401 percent more frequently than they have in years past.
Bold wallpaper encompasses tropical wallpaper—and a handful of other iconic prints. Florals—both abstract and literal—are on the menu. So are geometric prints. And fruit patterns. And stripes, terrazzos and colorful speckles. If anything, our collective shift toward something so all-inclusive suggests that wallpaper will probably permeate the late 2010s and early 2020s the same way it did the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.
Not only is bold wallpaper a 2019 home decor trend, but it’s also available in high and diverse supply; bold wallpaper has all the elements of a trend that promises to take over. Plus, it literally has before. So why wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) it invade our aesthetic world again?
Though massive zeitgeist overhauls can seem intimidating—or destabilizing—we’re embracing this one wholeheartedly. Because seriously, who has the time, precision and stamina to spend hours carefully painting designs on walls, inhaling paint fumes and standing on ladders? And who has the foresight to commit to bold designs for years at a time?
The floral wallpaper trend offers us all the opportunity to have our cake and eat it, too; we can get the bold aesthetics we want without committing to a lot of work (hello, instant adhesives) or a long-term decor relationship (hello, removability). This is one 2019 home decor trend we’re shopping, stat.